Ayurveda Siddhi is a No.1 community for Indian Vaidya's.

Ayurveda Siddhi introduces you to the priceless secrets of Ayurveda. On the website of Ayurveda Siddhi, you will find notes, question papers, and useful information on all subjects of Ayurveda. The purpose of Ayurveda Siddhi is to spread the knowledge of Ayurveda to everyone so that people can live healthy and happy life. Ayurveda has many important principles such as nature, dosha, agni, dhatu, mala, kriya, saptadhatu, panchamahabhuta, panchakarma, rasayana, vajikarana, shaman, shodhan, health-protection, disease-resistance-capacity, happiness-prosperity-attainment, moksha-attainment etc., which provide us freedom from all kinds of diseases.

BAMS 1st Year

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BAMS 2nd Year


BAMS 3rd Year


BAMS Final Year


AIAPGET Preparation

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